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HTC Unlock Service

Unlock your HTC [cell] by IMEI with our legal, permanent unlocking service.

Official Sim Unlock can unlock all models of HTC, including HTC U11, HTC U11+, HTC 10, HTC U12, HTC Desire 12+, HTC One M8, HTC U Ultra, and many more. You can check on our device pages to see all the models of HTC we can unlock safely within 24 hours.

HTC Phone Unlock

Why is My HTC Mobile Locked?

Your HTC mobile might be locked by the network when you bought it in order to keep you using that specific network. This keeps your HTC mobile locked into the network’s call charges and stops you changing the sim to use the mobile with a new network. You might also find that you can’t download certain software to your mobile, while selling a locked HTC mobile will also be difficult.

It’s easy to find out if your HTC mobile is locked to a network by trying to insert a new sim into the device. If you find the mobile doesn’t work with the new sim, this means it is probably locked. This is where our HTC unlocking service can help! We can unlock all HTC mobiles by IMEI safely and permanently within 24 hours.

Why Unlock My HTC Mobile?

Unlocking your HTC device with Official Sim Unlock means you will be able to use your mobile with any network worldwide. There are many advantages to unlocking your mobile, including being able to use a local sim when traveling abroad, downloading the software you want and selling your used HTC more easily. Without a network lock on your HTC mobile, you will also be free to find a better deal with another provider.

Unlocking your HTC mobile gives you total freedom over your handset. When you use our HTC unlocking service, your mobile will be unlocked permanently, even after updating your firmware. It will never be re-locked. We can also assure you that unlocking your HTC by IMEI doesn’t affect your warranty.

Next, we’ll explain how we unlock your HTC device!

How Do You Unlock My HTC Mobile?

We can unlock your HTC mobile within 24 hours using our secure unlocking process. Our HTC unlock service has a 100% success rate and we also offer a money back guarantee.

Our HTC unlock service uses the same IMEI unlock method recommended by the network – the only difference is our service is much lower in cost. You don’t need to install any software onto your mobile or plug in any wires. We unlock your mobile remotely by uncovering your HTC unlock code and sending you the details by email.

Our remote service means you can keep your device with you at all times and your mobile service is uninterrupted. HTC mobiles have unlimited unlocking attempts so there is no chance you might be locked out. However, by using our HTC unlock code, you mobile will be unlocked first time.

Money back guarantee

All our unlocks are warranteed and guaranteed to work, or you get your money back!

* If your device information is entered incorrectly then we will be unable to complete your unlock and a refund can not be provided.

24hr unlock delivery

Instant unlocking for many cell carriers / networks.

Highly skilled tech team

Experienced in all Samsung and iPhone cell devices.

Your phone is safe

You keep your device throughout the entire unlocking process.

Live order tracking

View the progress of your unlock at any point with our live online tracking.

Money back guarantee

If we are unable to unlock your device, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Unlock Internationally

Your cell will be unlocked to any GSM carriers anywhere in the world.

We're here for help and information.

Contact us on: support@officialsimunlock.com


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