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Unlock Motorola Phone by Unlock Code

Official SIM Unlock can unlock your Motorola online in less than 24 hours. Our Motorola IMEI unlocking service will unlock Motorola permanently to accept SIM cards from any carrier!

Dial *#060# on your Motorola phone to obtain your IMEI.

Please ensure your Motorola phone prompts you for the unlock code.

We are unable to issue a refund if you purchase an unlock code but your Motorola does not prompt you to enter it.

Motorola Phone Unlock

How to unlock my Motorola phone with Official SIM Unlock


Fill in the simple form

Give us some basic details including your IMEI number, Motorola model and carrier the phone is locked to.


Choose a payment method

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Official SIM Unlock is the cheapest way to IMEI unlock your Motorola phone!


Recieve Motorola unlock code & instructions on how to unlock your Motorola phone by email.

Simply follow the instructions and your Motorola unlock will be completed using a Wi-Fi connection.

We scan databases worldwide to verify your unlock code before sending it to you, then you simply enter it in the phone following our instructions and the phone is unlocked!

Motorola Unlock FAQ

We unlock most Motorola devices in less than 24 hours. In some exceptional cases it may take a little longer, for all Motorola unlocking orders we offer a full order tracking facility.

If you’ve made too many attempts at unlocking your Motorola already a ‘contact operator' message may appear. If this is the case insert a same card from a different carrier than the original into the Motorola and wait 1-12 hours until it prompts you for the ‘SIM network unlock code’, once this is displayed your Motorola is ready to be unlocked.

No! IMEI unlocking does not affect any warranty you may have on your Motorola.

IMEI unlocking is the same method used by carriers themselves to unlock Motorola. It creates a permanent and secure unlock without effecting the devices performance.

No! We only need the IMEI code which you can get by dialling *#06# on the keypad, the carrier it is locked to and country.

Yes we do need that information. If you’re not sure you can use our carrier check tool

To ensure your Motorola prompts for the unlock code, please insert a SIM card from a different carrier provider into the device and switch it on, you should then be prompted to enter an unlock code.

Unlock your Motorola phone from any carrier, anywhere in the world!


Why unlock my Motorola with Official SIM Unlock?

Unlocking your Motorola will allow you to shop around for a SIM deal that works for you, and you can avoid roaming charges when abroad. Unlock your Motorola with Official SIM Unlock today.

Unlocked Motorola

By Official SIM Unlock

Easy Motorola Unlock

Simply enter basic details and we’ll get the Motorola unlock done quickly.

Globally Unlocked Motorola

You will be able to use your Motorola on any carrier worldwide.

Motorola Warranty Remains

Our unlocking method does not effect ANY warranty outstanding on your Motorola.

Motorola Specialists

A 100% success rate tells you how much we know about unlocking Motorola.

No Effect on Phone

Our unlocking method does not effect performance or security of your phone.

Unlocked Motorola

Using another method

Complicated to Unlock

Some Motorola unlock methods are complicated and inefficient.

Partially Unlocked

Your Motorola may only be unlocked to certain carriers/countries.

Warranty Invalidated

Your Motorola’s warranty may be invalidated and device damaged!

Hit & Miss Unlocking

Your Motorola may not be unlocked effectively or without issue.

Slows Motorola Down

Your phone’s performance and security may be effected by poor unlocks.

Excellent 4.8 / 5

Unlock Motorola Phone by Unlock Code from officialsimunlock.com is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 252 reviews

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Select the network / carrier that your device is currently locked to.

Your IMEI number can be found in Settings > General, or by dialling *#06#