How Do I Turn Off Find My iPhone on my Apple Device?

By Official SIM Unlock  •  14 April, 2020

There are a couple of reasons for needing to turn off Find My iPhone. The first and most obvious one is that you don’t want anyone to have the ability to track you. A second important reason to disable Find My iPhone is that this service may cause problems for a new user if you decide to sell your iPhone. Whatever your reason, keep reading to find out how to turn off Find My iPhone. 

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Find My iPhone is a helpful feature found in iOS and MacOS that can be used to locate a lost device. However, there are times when you will want to know how to disable this feature. If you are selling your iPhone remember- this service will still be linked to you. The new owner will have a difficult time deactivating it. Therefore, it is crucial that you disable this service before handing your phone over to a new owner. 

Anyone who has access to your Apple ID could use that information and the Find My iPhone app to locate your device (iPhone, iPad or Mac) which may allow someone to track you. If this is of concern to you, you may want to consider disabling the Find My iPhone feature. 

With that said, it is important to think carefully before turning off Find My iPhone, it can be an extremely helpful service to have. If you have this app enabled on your device you can log onto any computer (Mac or PC), go onto and easily see your device on a map. You will also have the ability to remotely lock your device, wipe its contents or even send a message to it. 

If you are selling your iPhone or you are uncomfortable with the idea that someone else with your details could find your device, it is fairly simple remove Find My iPhone from your iPhone, MacBook, iPad or iPod. This article will walk you through the steps of how to delete Find My iPhone from your device as well as how to remove it when it is linked to someone else’s information. 


How do I disable Find My iPhone?

If you are turning off Find My iPhone on your own iPhone or iPad, here are the steps: 

For your iPhone or iPad

1.     Choose Settings.

2.     Click on iCloud.

3.     Click on Find My iPhone. 

4.     On the next page you will see a switch to turn off Find My iPhone. Click on that. It will turn grey when it is off.

5.     If you have the Apple ID and Password enter it. If you don’t have that information (because you bought the phone second-hand) read the next section.

You have now turned off Find My iPhone. If you are selling the device continue on to complete a full factory reset.  You can do this by going to: Settings > General > Reset and Erase All Content and Settings.

For your Mac or MacBook

Similar to your iPhone, you must turn off Find my Mac before selling your MacBook. Follow these steps to disable this feature:

1.     Choose System Preferences.

2.     Tap on iCloud.

3.     Scroll down until you see Find My Mac. Tap on the box beside that- the box should be empty.

4.     If you have the Apple ID and Password enter it. If you don't have that information, continue reading. 


How can I disable Find My iPhone on someone else’s device?

Basically, if you do not have the Apple ID and password that was used to set up Find My iPhone you will not be able to disable it. This was done purposely in order to keep a person’s Apple device safe from theft. It is important to know that if you can’t disable Find My iPhone you will not have the ability to completely restore the iPhone or iPad to its original factory settings.

This is why it is essential that you disable Find My iPhone before selling, or passing your iPhone to another person. If you have already purchased an iPhone second-hand but you do  not have the original Apple ID and password used to set up Find My iPhone, the best thing to do is contact the original owner. Hopefully, the original owner can either manually enter the information you need or transfer it to you.  

In the unfortunate circumstance that you received an iPhone, iPad or Mac and the previous owner is now deceased you can call Customer Services at 0800 048 0408 in the UK and 1-800-275-2273 in the US. They may require you to provide a death certificate before they can help you. Although it is very difficult, it may be possible for them to help you get the device unlocked.  

Learn how to backup your iPhone here.


Can someone find me or stalk me using it?

How easy is it to track someone else’s phone using their Apple ID details? Will they receive a notification that someone has entered their Apple ID and password? 

It is important to keep your password private. If someone knows your Apple ID and password and they log on to Find My iPhone on their own Apple device you will not receive a notification. They can use their device to locate you. This can be concerning if you are worried about someone knowing your whereabouts. The best thing to do would be to change your password and ensure you keep it private. Alternatively, you can deactivate Find My iPhone.


How to turn off Find My iPhone so I can't be tracked

Here is a step by step guide on how to disable Find My iPhone. If you have the Apple ID and password turning off Find My iPhone is easy: 

1.     Open Settings.

2.     Choose iCloud.

3.     Tap Find My iPhone.

4.     Turn the Find My iPhone toggle switch to off (it will be grey when it is off)

5.     Enter the Apple ID and password 

6.     Click Turn off


Can I disable Find My iPhone without my Apple ID or password?

Even if it is your own iPhone, you will need the Apple ID and password to disable Find My iPhone.


If someone else set up the Apple ID and password you will need to contact them and try to retrieve it. Obviously, this will be a bit trickier if you don’t know them but if you have the Apple ID you should be able to get the email associated with the account. You can then email them and request the password. 

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