iCloud Activation Check by IMEI

Are you thinking of buying a second hand iPhone?

Use our simple iCloud Activation Check service to find out the iCloud status of your iPhone when switching to a second hand device.

How to carry out a iCloud Activation Check
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We just need your phone's IMEI number so we can start processing your icloud activation check order.

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Confirmation of your icloud activation check details will be sent to you via an email within 24hrs.

How to carry out an iCloud Activation Check?

To find out the status the iCloud status of your device, simply follow these instructions to use our online iCloud Check.

  1. Dial *#06# on your iPhone to retrieve your IMEI number.
  2. Enter your iPhone’s IMEI number in the form on our website.
  3. We start processing your iCloud Activation Check order. You will receive an email confirming the details within 24 hours of placing your order.

Why use our iCloud Activation Check

Find My iPhone is a feature on all Apple products, from iPhones to iPads and iPod touch. It’s a handy feature if you ever lose your device. The Activation Lock helps keep your device secure, especially if fallen into the wrong hands, allowing you to take control. It can also help to recover your data. Furthermore, Activation Lock will work in the background when you mark your iPhone as lost and your screen will lock with a passcode and custom message.This means that it’s more difficult for someone to get into your iPhone.

When purchasing a second hand phone or accepting a pre owned phone by a family member or friend, it’s important to find out the current iCloud activation status.The same applies if you are selling or giving away your Apple device, too. It’s worth asking the seller upfront if they have turned off the Activation Lock also.

If you try to use a second hand iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that still has the Activation Lock turned ON you might not be able to log into the device using your own Apple ID credentials. This means you have wasted your money and left with a useless device that you cannot use as intended.

Using your phone’s unique IMEI number, we can instantly check if the device you have been given or purchased still has the Activation Lock activated.Our comprehensive report will give you all the information you need on email so that you can proceed further.If your iPhone has the Activation Lock turned OFF you can also use our network unlock service to use your iPhone with any SIM card.

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