Samsung Unlock Support - Official SIM Unlock

1. Get your Samsung Unlock Code, to do this you’ll need your Samsung device’s IMEI number which you can get by dialling *#06# on the device, your Samsung device model and the network it is currently locked to. If you don’t know what network it is currently locked to you can use our handy network/carrier check to find out.

2. Insert a SIM card from another network/carrier into your Samsung phone.

3. Enter the SIM card’s PIN if prompted.

4. When ‘NETWORK LOCK’ appears on the screen, type the unlock code sent to you from Official SIM Unlock and press Confirm (for i900, i8000 and B7610 models click NET and then ACCEPT, and when the PIN is requested enter the unlock code and press ENTER).

If ‘NETWORK LOCK’ does not appear on the screen after you have inserted the new SIM from another network/carrier, please enter the following code:

#0111*YOUR UNLOCK CODE#(please note dashes may appear on the screen whilst typing the code, this is normal).

1. Check the SIM card being inserted is recognised by the Samsung device:

Ensure the Samsung phone prompt’s for the SIM card’s PIN. If this is activated Samsung will normally request it by default as a security measure.

If your Samsung does not prompt you for the SIM’s PIN number it means it does not recognise the SIM card being inserted, this is why the unlock code is not being prompted either.

To troubleshoot this issue please ensure the SIM card is inserted into the Samsung device correctly, make sure the SIM card sit’s flush into the tray and can be inserted easily. If this still does not work try another SIM card as it may be a defective SIM card.

2. If your SIM card is recognised but the Samsung device does not prompt for the unlock code:

Double check your Samsung phone works with the new SIM card inserted, if this is the case your Samsung phone is now unlocked.

Please try restoring your Samsung phone to factory settings, you can do this on your Samsung device by finding it in the settings menu.

Sometimes an error message may appear after you enter your Samsung unlock code, however the unlock may have been successful. Restart your Samsung phone and ensure it does not prompt for the unlock code again.

If your Samsung phone continues to prompt for the unlock code when you insert a new SIM card from a different network provider, please contact us with the following information:

Your IMEI number, whether this be copied and pasted, or a photograph/screenshot of the device IMEI screen. (You can find your IMEI number by typing *#06# in your keypad).

A screenshot of what appears on the screen during the following circumstances:

Turn the phone completely off. Then press the volume down, the home and power buttons all together until the device vibrates.

A warning message will appear, now release the volume up button at which point some information will be displayed on the screen.

Please send us a screenshot of the information which appears in the top-left of the screen.

To leave this screen remove the battery or re-follow the steps above to turn on the phone again.

NOTE: Your Samsung phone must have the original software installed as this process will not work with a modified ROM.

Your Samsung phone has a maximum number of unlock attempts before it freezes itself. If you have tried your unlock code unsuccessfully more than 3-5 times it is likely your phone will no longer accept the unlock code even if it is valid.

Official SIM Unlock may have sent you another code known as the Defreeze code if the code was made available when your network code was requested. This code is required to reset the unlock attempts counter. Once you experience the phone freeze message, type in this 8-digit Defreeze code to reset the unlock attempts counter.

If your Samsung phone doesn’t prompt for the network unlock code again it means the Samsung phone is unlocked.

Navigate to Settings and then find ‘Network Operators’ and ensure the ‘Automatic’ option is selected. If the phone still doesn’t register on the network, change the setting to manual and select the network you want to connect to directly.

If the Samsung phone still won’t connect to the network, here are three more potential reasons:

1. The chosen SIM card doesn’t work – The SIM may not work with the Samsung phone you are attempting it with, or the unlock may not of been activated for that particular network. To eliminate this as a possibility insert a SIM card from a different network/carrier.

2. Hardware Failure – There may be an issue with the Samsung’s SIM tray, antenna or other hardware. We would recommend you contact Samsung’s technical support team.

3. IMEI number blacklisted – Your Samsung device may have had its IMEI number blacklisted due to theft, loss or unpaid contract bills by the network provider.

Blacklists are regularly updated, however if a change has been made to the record very recently it may not yet of been updated in the report. If your Samsung device is blacklisted, you must contact the original network/carrier to confirm if the IMEI number has been reported due to loss, theft or unpaid bill.

You may need to configure your Samsung to receive an internet connection with a new service provider. Contact your new network/carrier and ask for ‘APN Information’.

If you are still struggling after the configuration contact your network/carrier’s customer support team to ensure the internet service has been activated on your Samsung device.

You must enter the correct original network/carrier to ensure your Samsung phone is unlocked correctly. If you think you may not have selected the wrong network, you can double check by using our network check service.

You may need to unlock your Samsung phone again using the correct details, we cannot offer refunds on unlocks if incorrect details have been provided.