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Get your phone unlocked from ATT today and use it on any carrier around the world. Our simple online IMEI unlocking service is great value & doesn’t affect warranty!

Dial *#06# on your iPhone to obtain your IMEI.

ATT USA Phone Unlock

Unlock your phone permanently from ATT today for a great price.

24hr unlock delivery

Instant unlocking for many phones on the ATT carrier.

International unlocks

Your phone will work on any carrier around the world as well as ATT.

Your phone is safe

You keep your device throughout the entire unlocking process.

How to unlock my mobile phone from ATT with Official SIM Unlock


Fill in the simple form

Give us basic details like make and model of the phone that is locked to ATT, as well as the IMEI number - which you can get by dialing *#06#.


Choose a payment method

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Official SIM Unlock is the cheapest way to IMEI unlock your ATT phone!


Recieve instructions on how to unlock your ATT phone by email.

Simply follow the instructions and your ATT unlock will be completed using a Wi-Fi connection.

ATT Unlock FAQ

Our ATT unlocking process usually takes less than 24 hours, in some cases within just a few hours. You can keep up to date with the status of your ATT unlock using our online order tracking.

We’ll unlock your phone from ATT using the IMEI number, which you can find on your phone by dialling *#06# on the keypad. IMEI unlocking is recognised as the safest and most effective way of unlocking phones from ATT. IMEI unlocking creates a permanent unlock from ATT on your phone, without affecting performance or any outstanding warranty, and as we operate remotely you’ll never need to give us access to your phone or personal login details.

Yes, our ATT unlocking method is 100% permanent.

Yes, it is legal to unlock your phone from ATT, even if it’s still under contract.

As well as ATT, we offering unlocking services for hundreds of carriers around the world.

Official SIM Unlock offer one of the best value ATT IMEI unlocking services on the market. Our prices vary between models of phone and country, once you provide your phones unique IMEI number, the make and model and other basic information we need to prepare your quote we’ll tell you instantly how much it will be for you to unlock your phone from the ATT network!

Why do ATT Lock Phones?

ATT lock phones they offer as part of a contract or bought in their store, for them this maximises the chance you’ll stay on their network for as long as possible as many people think you cannot unlock a phone safely and legally.

Unlocking a phone you bought from ATT however is totally legal, and with our IMEI unlocking service it is also convenient, great value and will not affect any warranty you have on your phone!

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