How to Disable iPhone Wifi & Use Cellular Data Always

By Official SIM Unlock  •  14 April, 2020

There are steps you can take so your device always uses cellular data rather than connecting to WIFI.

There are times when people would prefer that their iPhone or iPad uses cellular data only, and is not able to connect to a WIFI network at all. If you disable WIFI it may just be partially off. You need to click on all the right buttons in the right order to ensure your WIFI stays off. 

There are several reasons that people choose to turn their WIFI off. Sometimes WIFI service is sketchy and inconsistent making it frustrating to use. To forget a WIFI network, go to Settings > WIFI while the network in range, click the “i” (info) button, and then choose Forget This Network, don’t forget to confirm it.

Sometimes people have bigger problems than inconsistent WIFI. Consider this situation that  one Macworld reader described; in his household they do not have broadband and instead rely on two iPhones, both with limited data plans. Even using the phones as personal hotspots they always end up in a contest for WIFI connections to try to balance usage. Automatic WIFI connections from both of their phones constantly cause issues. At night they have to use Airplane mode to stop any unwanted usage from occurring. The answer to their WIFI problems is knowing which button to press and in which order. 

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In 2017 Apple modified the Control Centre in iOS 11. This allowed for a higher degree of access to more possibilities. One of the new options that was added includes four network icons in the Control Centre’s upper left: Airplane Mode, Cellular, WIFI, and Bluetooth. If you long-press on the new network card located in the Control Centre you can expand the network card and also access AirDrop and Personal Hotspot.

In the past it was possible to use the Control Centre’s WIFI button to completely turn off WIFI. But when  iOS 11 came out, the Control Centre WIFI button was more like standby than off. It will turn off your WIFI but only for a period of time. If you click the WIFI button when it is blue it will turn white, this means you have disconnected your WIFI for the time being. The iOS device will reconnect at 5 a.m. the next morning. 

If you want your WIFI to stay disconnected you have to go to your Settings. Open Settings > WIFI and tap the WIFI switch. Now, if you look in your Control Centre you will see that the WIFI icon is grey with a line through it. If you expand the Network card to the six-icon view, you should see the label Off appears below it.

To ensure WIFI remains off whether you turn Airplane Mode on or off you don’t want to use the Control Centre. Instead, use Settings > WIFI. When you tap Off there and click on Airplane Mode, you will notice that WIFI is still off; click on Airplane Mode again to disable it and WIFI will remain disabled. 

If you tap these buttons in this order (Settings > WIFI >off) the settings will be remembered next time you disable Airplane mode. You can then use the Control Centre to change your WIFI networking as you wish.  

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