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Unlock Verizon Phone

Our simple online IMEI unlocking service will quickly unlock any phone from Verizon, letting you use it with any carrier worldwide for the rest of it’s lifetime.

Dial *#060# on your iPhone to obtain your IMEI.

Verizon USA Phone Unlock

Unlock your phone permanently from Verizon today for a great price.

24hr unlock delivery

Instant unlocking for many phones on the Verizon carrier.

International unlocks

Your phone will work on any carrier around the world as well as Verizon.

Your phone is safe

You keep your device throughout the entire unlocking process.

How to unlock my mobile phone from Verizon with Official SIM Unlock


Fill in the simple form

Give us basic details like make and model of the phone that is locked to Verizon, as well as the IMEI number - which you can get by dialing *#06#.


Choose a payment method

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Official SIM Unlock is the cheapest way to IMEI unlock your Verizon phone!


Recieve instructions on how to unlock your Verizon phone by email.

Simply follow the instructions and your Verizon unlock will be completed using a Wi-Fi connection.

Verizon Unlock FAQ

We’ll get your phone unlocked from Verizon in less than 24 hours in most cases, we have full order tracking on our website so you can keep an eye on the status of your unlock.

We’ll unlock your phone from Verizon using the phones IMEI number, you can find yours by dialling *#06# on the keypad. Using the IMEI number creates a permanent unlock on your phone without affecting performance, security or any outstanding warranty you may have on the phone.

Once you unlock your phone from Verizon using our unlocking service the phone will be permanently unlocking to work on any carrier around the world, even if you update or reset the phone.

All our unlocking services are 100% legal.

We not only offer unlocking services for Verizon, but carriers around the world. The chances are we can unlock your phone from whatever carrier you require.

Official SIM Unlock offer one of the best value Verizon IMEI unlocking services on the market. Our prices vary between models of phone and country, once you provide your phones unique IMEI number, make and model and other basic information we need to get your quote ready we’ll tell you instantly how much it will be for you to unlock your phone from Verizon!

Why Unlock your Phone from Verizon?

Unlocking your phone from Verizon will allow you much more freedom to maximise using your phone, from shopping around for more data or better coverage to avoiding high roaming charges by using local SIM cards when you travel.

Unlocking your phone from Verizon is 100% legal, and our IMEI unlocking service will have your phone unlocked within 24 hours, and it does not affect any outstanding warranty the phone may have.

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Phone Unlocks

iPhone Unlock

Select the service you wish to use from the list.

Select the model of your device that you wish to unlock.

Select the network / carrier that your device is currently locked to.

Your IMEI number can be found in Settings > General, or by dialling *#06#