Frequestly Asked Questions - Official SIM Unlock

Dial *#06# from your device to get your IMEI, on the iPhone 5 and later, your IMEI can also be found on the back of the device

No, unlocking your device has no affect on its warranty as the unlock does not affect the software or hardware of the device.

Our website has a direct connection to Apple, we can tell you what network your iPhone is locked to automatically by using our network check.

We take the protection of your data very seriously, information you send us is SSL-encrypted so outside parties can't intercept, retrieve or use it. Our entire site use's SSL-encryption, keeping all connections 100% secure. Look for the padlock in your browser to ensure your connection is safe.

The estimated delivery time is calculated using business days and is based upon the carrier and the service option you selected.

The unlocking time varies between a few hours and a number of days. As the unlocks are official carrier unlocks, sometimes there are small delays.

Yes, it is now totally legal to unlock any device or network.

Any SIM card will unlock your iPhone once your unlock is processed.

No, our service is provided remotely, once your IMEI is marked as unlocked by ourselves the unlock is sent to your device over either by Wifi or your current cellular provider.

You wont be restricted to one carrier, unlocking your device gives you free rein of alternative networks.

You are not tied into a lengthy, expensive contract.

Not only does it give you free range to use alternative networks, it also increases the re-sale price of the device.

iCloud Activation Unlock

If your iPhone/iPad/iWatch is locked to a previous owners iCloud account you can use this service to remove your device.

When purchasing an iCloud unlock, the IMEI should be clean, refunds are not issued for an un-clean IMEI as this service incurs considerable cost on our behalf.

Network Check

If you are not aware of the network the iPhone/iPad/iWatch is locked to.

Pre Order Unlock

A pre-order unlock will instruct us to negotiate a price with the carrier and Apple to unlock your device, this is why the initial price starts at the given pre-order price for the network selected. Please note this may not be the final unlocking price, typical unlocking prices vary between £29 and £59 so expect something in this region. However, the initial pre-order payment will be deducted from the final unlock price, giving you the fastest way to unlock your device.

Many networks SIM lock their phones in order to offer a discount on the device, which in turn will hold the device into a contract for a minimum of 12 months to 3 years. This arrangement allows the network provider to recoup the cost of the handset at the end of the contract. If this contract is cut short and not paid in full this will leave the account in bad standing and return the unlock request as blocked.

Other Issues

Lost or Stolen



Non payment of bills

Our prices start at £12.99, however this price is dependent on the model of the device and the network the device is locked to. Due to each device supporting its own unique history, checks need to be done prior to the unlock. The Pre order service allows the IMEI to be verified giving us the device history and the final unlock balance in order to release your device from the network and Apple rendering it unlocked on the live database. The Pre order amount is then deducted from your final unlocking balance and confirmation of the unlocked device is sent to you via email.