How to Change Location Tracking in iOS 13 and iPad OS 13

By Official SIM Unlock  •  14 April, 2020

iOS and iPadOS may relaunch force-quit apps that are approved for always tracking your location.

You may be relieved to know that every time Apple releases a new version of an iOS device location permissions are changed slightly, making it more and more difficult for app developers to have the ability to track you. With the most recent update to iOS and iPadOS 13, you can only be asked if you want to have your location known while using the app. You are able to choose to have your location accessed every time you use the app, just once or never. 

Unlike in the past, you will only be asked if you want your location tracked while you are using the app. In order to allow an app to track your location you will have to go to your settings and make the change. 

It used to be that Apple would allow an app to ask if a user would allow location services to be on at all time. Which meant your location could be tracked even when you were not using the app. This may be of some convenience for a mapping app but this function may seem somewhat useless for many other apps. 

Not everyone is aware of this change and it is important to note that if you want an app to be allowed to track you, you will have to enable location services. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, click on the app, and select Always, if that option is available. (It may be important for you to realize that Apple requires the app developers to disclose how they will use your location data).

It is a habit for many people to force quit an app (swipe away an app) when they are finished using it, thinking that closing down these apps will provide better performance and disable location tracking. In fact, force quitting an app does neither of these things. If you keep your apps open and hibernating in the background you are actually helping to improve performance and save battery power because it takes a lot of power each time an app has to relaunch again. If your app is set to Always for location tracking force quitting the app will not change the settings. 

If you want to change the background location settings you will need to go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services instead.

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